Oakmont Recreation Board

Origin of the Oakmont Recreation Board

The Board shall be composed of seven members, to be appointed by the Council of the Borough of Oakmont, with the power to provide, conduct and maintain public recreation areas, facilities and centers subject to all of the responsibilities of the recreation enabling legislation.

The Board members shall serve for terms of five years or until their successors are appointed, except that the members of such Board first appointed shall be appointed for such terms that the term of at least one member shall expire annually thereafter. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments and for the unexpired term. Members shall serve without pay.

The Recreation Board shall appoint from its membership a Chairman and such other officers as it may deem necessary for the orderly procedure of its business and may adopt bylaws, rules and regulations covering its procedure not inconsistent with the provisions of the state laws. The Recreation Board shall, from time to time, make rules governing the operation and conduct of the recreational facilities operated by the Board. The Board shall hold regular meetings at such times and places as it may designate.

Any fund appropriated by the governing body of the Borough of Oakmont and budgeted to the Recreation Board shall be disbursed by the fiscal disbursing officer of the Borough of Oakmont, upon vouchers issued by the Recreation Board and within the budget appropriations made. Funds received by the Recreation Board from sources other than budget appropriations shall be deposited by the Borough of Oakmont to the credit and for the use of the Board and disbursed as the above budget funds are disbursed, except that funds received by gift, bequest or otherwise shall be disbursed in accordance with the terms of such gift or bequest or the terms of the acceptance thereof.

taken from Oakmont Borough Code, chapter 44  (http://www.ecode360.com/OA0228)