grant pursuit for trail enhancements in Oakmont

  Follow this link to read about more trail efforts in Oakmont


will Oakmont get a kayak launch?

will there be lights at Riverside Park?

Discussions continue on lights at Riverside Park Monday Feb. 6th, at 7 PM

Cricket at the park

I was told by a neighbor that the game cricket is being played at Riverside Park on some Sundays, and that watching the game was quite interesting.  Yet another group of people finding a different way to enjoy our parks!

Sand court volleyball


The Oakmont Rec Board has begun the construction of a sand volleyball court at Creekside Park.  Anyone interested in donating to the purchase of sand to fill the court please email



. Oakmont Council approved the creation of a kayak launch last month.  Watch for progress news here

New Trail at Creekside

Did you know there is a new trail at Oakmont's Creekside Park? The trail is 8 feet wide,  perfect for walking, running and riding bikes. 

Support Oakmont Parks and purchase your Family Easter Gift


Purchase a brick or paver to place on the Riverside Park Walkway, located between the children’s playground & the tennis courts.  

Design your personal message to honor or memorialize a family member, loved one, friend, pet or recognize special occasions:   Birthdays, Engagement, Wedding, Birth of a Child/Grandchild, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any day that is special for you & your family.  Memorialize a family member, or honor an individual for their service to our country.    

For specific information:


Biking trails

   By week’s end, phase 1 of a bike/jog/walk trail should be complete at Creekside Park.  For further info, email

Police Department Facebook Post about graffiti

On 2/6/16 The Oakmont Police received a report of criminal mischief (spray paint) to Dark Hollow and Creekside Parks. The due diligence of an Oakmont resident reporting what he/she believed to be suspicious, led to the arrest of two students for these crimes. We would like to say THANK YOU to that resident and also encourage others to report suspicious activity, no matter how minor it may seem at the time!